All parents, coaches, and young athletes may find the inspirations for versatile trainings on our website. The first videos focus on the development of speed and coordination abilities conected with basic movement skills.

Don´t forget to warm up briefly before each exercise. Most of the exercised are suitable for all age categories. Determine the number of repetitions of individual exercises especially according to your age and also according to your skills and performance level (the speed of individual exercises is important). Don´t forget to stretch after the training.

Video 1: Speed ladder drills (Basic exercises)

Speed Ladder Drills 1st Part

Video 2: Speed ladder drills (Continuing and expanding 17 exercises)

Speed Ladder Drills 2nd Part

Video 3: Speed ladder drills with a ball (31 Exercises with a ball- focused on different work of the upper and lower limbs

Speed Ladder Drills 3rd Part